Q'ero Peru Partnership Initiative

Q’ero Peru Partnership Initiative

The Q’eros are descendants of the spiritual priests of the Inca. Their ancestors escaped the Spanish Conquest for over 500 years, and only “emerged” from their ancestral villages in the 1950’s. Juan Nunez Del Prado’s father first met the Q’ero at a festival in Peru. Afterwards his family became lifelong friends and initiated the Q’ero Liberation and Revolution for Q’ero Independence. Afterwards, Juan dedicated his life to preserve the Q’ero Nations and support their life sustaining needs

Zane Curfman continued with this humanitarian commitment to his family he was adopted into Kiko Village of Q’ero Nation. Soon after Auria meeting and coming into a traditional apprenticeship with Zane she expressed her desire to help the Q’ero Nations and thus a new layer formed to fulfill this initiative. We aim to help support their voices be heard and have proper representation as does other indigenous voices can have as well.

We at SEG are committed to preserving Peruvian Healing Traditions & Culture of the Q’ero & Quechan Nations. Juan, Zane and Auria are ambassadors speaking on behalf for these indigenous elders. Sacred Earth Guardians is partnered with Q’ero and Quechan Nations to preserve their land and  share their wisdom for the western world shift the dream for liberation for all beings and shift to a more humanitarian approach.

We support the preservation of the Q’ero wisdom through Juan’s teaching in Peru and Zane’s teaching in the USA. We hope to also offer opportunities for the Q’ero to travel internationally to share their Heart Wisdom, Ceremonies, Eagle Condor Prophecy & Traditions. Both approaches to sharing their wisdom with a commitment to give back to the Q’ero & Quechan Nations. You can visit Zane to learn more about him and his work at: http://www.salkamunay.com/ 

Q'ero Peru Partnership Mission


The mission of the Sacred Earth Guardians is to sustain the longevity of the Q’eros Indigenous Peoples of Peru, its native culture and heritage for the next seven generations; through a variety of projects in the Andes and world-wide. We also will fund ways to give the Q’ero more voice such as creating videos directly sharing their wisdom translated into english and spanish to voice their direct needs and wisdom. We also intend to bring the Q’ero here directly to the United States (but priority goes to their communities needs) We also commit to preserving their traditions that mainly get blocked out by modernized colonized western peruvian shamanism which is very far from the actual tradition and address social justice and activism working in partnership with Q’ero Nation.

The vision and purpose of the Q’ero Peru Partnership is to preserve the Andean Cosmovision, the Indigenous identity and Culture of the Q’eros Indigenous Peoples of Andes in Peru & Ecuador. Our commitment is to bring life sustaining relief to the Q’eros, while seeding into longevity for the future.The Foundation will support a variety of projects in the Andes including: clean water, solar electricity for cooking, medical training & supplies, senior care & more.




Salka Munay is Zane’s Community set up as a status at Church in the US. We plan to raise funds for our projects 5 different ways. Currently the Xmas in Peru is ongoing led by Zane’s teacher Juan Nunez Del Prado who lives in Cusco, Peru.

  1. Yearly X-Mas Fundraiser
  2. A % of money from sales of hand crafted Qeuchan items foes directly to Q’ero Projects, rest of money goes back into purchases of the items to keep circulating profit back into our projects.
  3. A % of money from apprenticeship goes directly back into our projects.
  4. A % of money from yearly retreat goes directly to our projects, including hiring the Q’ero and giving money directly.
  5. Paypal Donations & Online Fundraiser Campaigns to raise money for our projects.

To donated directly, please click below:

Based on Zane and Juan’s relationships and adoption into the Q’ero Nation they are in communication with the
el presidente of the Q’ero Nation. The el presidente has communicated these specific needs of the Q’ero Nation.

Solar Water Heater for Quechan Nation to help with cooking food. Food typically takes several hours to cook including heating time, as well as having to travel far distances for wood. This would increase quality of life as they live in the high mountains.

Solar Panels for Creating Light Electricity for Quechan Nation to help increase quality of life. Day light hours are minimum there including leading farming lives most time is spent in taking care of labor and this would open up the opportunity to connect with family and community for a few extra hours in the evening. We seek support with other non-profits, organizations & companies to share expertise, time and donation of solar systems for long term use with minimal easy use & maintenance.

Buying Organic Rice from Purchase of Sales through our Church and Trading for Plastics left in Quechan Nation. Currently the Nation is faced with plastic litter. It also takes 1 week trek for women to walk to Cusco City and another week back to get rice for the village. Rice paid for through Sales Initiative and traded for plastic litter clean up.

Medical Supplies for Quechan Nation coordinating with the El Presidente of Quechan Nation, included in this would be herbs with water proof instructions translated into Quacha for usage for the various health challenges they face on a yearly basis (like winter time, it is wet season, herbal antibiotics)

Medical Training for Villages. The closest hospital is a week’s walking distance from Villages.

Our eventual dream will be creating earth domes These would help keep a more regulated temperature inside of the building for the elderly. The domes would save a place for elderly to be taken care of and have their end of life needs supported by the community. It would serve as a more supportive living space for elderly of Quechan Nation. The dream will be to have a dome for the elderly in each village.

“Mother Earth & The Spirit of the Forest were humanity’s first teachers. There are still those Sacred Earth Guardians preserving these wisdom teachings to return to right relationship with Mother Earth. These Guardians hold the keys so we can restore humanity. They are passing the torch to our current generation. When we open up to the loving intelligence of Mother Earth, doors open that only the wild can bring.”

-Auria Gaines of Sacred Earth Guardians

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