Miracles and Magick are happening on the Planet…


Humanity is waking up, rising together into love.  


We are returning to the wisdom held by the original Sacred Earth Guardians, the natives, indigenous tribes, wisdom keepers, elders and ones that kept the traditions alive. We are remembering this deep inner knowing stored in our bones.


Returning to the precious gift that we are not alone. Rather we are interdependent with the earth and all of our relations. Sacred Earth Guardians fosters this remberance of these ancient wisdoms so we can embody this wisdom in our life. 


We are navigating a new way of relating to humans, nature and all of life.  Together in our communities we are healing our ancestors, community and choosing to co create tribe, newly imagined, for liberation and love of all beings.  The Sacred Earth Guardians Movement is our revival of ancient traditions of earth honoring culture that helps support our modern world in a healthier more respectful way of navigation.


With the growth of the modern world and rise in spirituality the western world opened up to self individuation and self healing.


As we brought an increase of self attention for our own needs, desires and dreams we have reached a point where we have tipped too far away from spiritual growth and empowerment being anchored in the community that emphasizes the whole. 


This has led us to concepts of lack, an attitude of each person for themselves and that there is not enough for all. These beliefs are rooted in the materialistic culture of the western world.  This loneliness and unrootedness, and a post-industrial capitalist system that only serves those with privilege and wealth at the cost of other’s suffering. 


With the modern world forgetting the connection to the earth and humanity it makes sense why we are at a crossroads with mother earth and humanity asking the western world to shift as the power lies in the hands of the western world.   We can still be enriched by our own journeys while also balancing to serve the greater whole. When the “I” is able to uniquely shine within the “We” of Humanity we only become strengthened as a whole. This WE emerges more potent, colorful, diversive and wildly intelligent making rise for a new culture to emerge.


We are only just beginning to experience the power of uniting our own unique Me within the power of We. When we bridge WE and ME a new world is birthed.  A world where we are each uniquely navigating as the truly powerful individuals we are each with their own gifts and medicine to share with the world. A world where all beings have access to their birth rite to safety, nourishment, natural medicine, spirituality, community, equality and being able to connect with all of life as sacred.


We are experiencing currently the opening to embody and receive the medicine of our collective.  We become like drops in the ocean,  experiencing connection, collaboration and co-creation. We become the bridges, weaving the medicine of the ancients with our modern day and a new world emerges. 


We unify in diversity honoring all colors, all spiritual paths & each unique soul on our planet as we unite together to weave a new paridigm for humanity.  When we experience the new paridigm and welcome it to grow in our hearts we become resilient, strengthened and can lead from the heart.  We experience freedom in co-creation seeing all of life as Sacred.


We, at Sacred Earth Guardians, see that this is why Sacred Earth Honoring Culture and Communities Based in Equality and the Heart is emerging as the nexus of practice for people on the path of co-creating a brighter world for all beings and all of life. We realize we are never alone and held by mother earth.


Sacred Earth Guardians is an INVITATION:

We invite you to join us in authentic community. 


We invite you to come play. 


We invite you to open your heart. 


We invite you to express yourself just as you are. 


Be held in a loving community where you can discover who you truly are as a beautiful soul that the world needs and wants to celebrate. Experience safety and nourishment where you are fully supported to be  your true self, anchored in honesty, authenticity and loving ways. We need you and your medicine. During the time of global awakening and the old paridigms falling away a new tribe is coming fourth united together in solidarity with mother earth.


Humanity and Mother Earth needs leader that are resiliant, wisdom embodied & heart empowered. Each of us are needed and have medicine the world is waiting for. Sacred Earth Guardians is a movement across the planet.




If you feel the Sacred Earth Guardians message stir your soul and breaks your heart open and ready to become an agent of change to uplift our planet. Then you are ready to build a brighter future for our children where our world is rooted in nourishment, liberation, equality, led by our authentic heart click below for our Sacred Earth Guardians Apprenticeship! 


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