Sacred Earth Guardians believes in access for all people. In a dominantly capitalistic system the challenges arise in spiritual community and the growing reemergence focused on healing, wellness and health there has been a growing emphasis on businesses focusing on economic growth that only benefits those mainly with privilege with out putting in consideration the majority that does not have access to healing, holistic offerings and a nourishing place to foster true safe communities rooted in loving connection.

At Sacred Earth Guardians our priority is to people first and above profits. We also believe in sustainability not just of our earth but to replicate earth sustainability from our love affair with perma culture and seeing the power of eco systems and communities that thrive. To change our world we need to ensure quality and liberation for all beings and with this in mind this is why we have chosen to create access to our offerings and session.

in that it runs within the Hartford and Northampton area with many classes offered at our home studio location and community run offerings in the city as well as being volunteer run we have the ability of offering Sliding Scale.

I want to offer a sustainable community model of access for all to be able to be a part of community, earth based spirituality, herbal empowerment and healing: one that offers exploration and paths to wellness and spiritual experience without undue burden on practitioners or myself. My hope is that through Sliding Scale pricing, those who value the teachings and cannot access them without burden can be able thus access our classes and sessions.The sliding scale represents the idea that financial resources should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access services/care/etc.

For a sliding scale to work it relies on the principles of truthfulness, not taking what is not freely given and generosity. I trust you to be honest, and these prices are given for all classes (special guest teachers and some training may have sliding scale differing from teacher and location). The generosity piece is the investment in my offerings and experience, as the model needs to be sustainable for both of us. As I need to pay for my bills and make a certain amount monthly to be able to offer accessible classes and sessions.

Please note: there is a limited quantity of the 50% tuition rate. If everyone were to choose this rate, it would not be financially sustainable for me to be able offer at these rates.


Here is a general guideline to reflect on the model and choosing your tuition:

Upper End:

The price the practitioner would charge all students in the absence of a sliding scale. If you have access to financial security, own property or have personal savings, you would not traditionally qualify for sliding scale services.


Those who do not honestly find themselves reflected in either descriptions for the highest cost or the lowest, and it is not a time of being able to pay the full price for the tuition. While vacation time should be afforded to everyone, if you are purchasing many wants throughout the year, consider making full tuition one of your wants, saving Middle tuition for those struggling in this category and for the sustainability of the program.


The Lower tuition represents an honest acknowledgment by the teacher and practitioner that there are folks whose economic circumstances would prevent them from being a part of classes if there was not a deliberate opportunity made for them to access services at a cost reflective of their economic realities. If you struggle to maintain access to needs such as housing, food, child care, living extremely frugally by necessity, or are in significant debt, this program acknowledges that you should still have access to these teachings and that your contribution is equal to those of higher income brackets.

If the Lower bracket is more than you can afford without undue burden, please contact us as we do offer a few work trades and scholarships per month for our classes, healing sessions and herbal sessions.


Donations can be made to Sacred Earth Guardians to help Pay it Forward and Create More Access. Paypal Button for Donations will be added in the next week. Thank you for your patience.

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